Bodyweight workout 1

Starting a new series of bodyweight workouts.

Workouts require no equipment and can be done at anytime and anyplace.

Hope you enjoy!

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In this post Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay explains the benefits of H.I.I.T ( High Intensity Interval Training) for effective fat loss.

H.I.I.T training is a short, intense and effective method of  training for fat loss.

In my opinion H.I.I.T training hands down beats long steady paced sessions of 45-60 minutes of cardio training  on a treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike for elevating your metabolism and burning body fat.

In this first video I explain in a bit more detail the benefits of performing H.I.I.T training.

And in this next video I demonstrate and go into more detail on how to perform a H.I.I.T session on the treadmill.

The same method I use on the treadmill could be used on the cross trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine or whilst out running.

Hope you find this post helpful and give H.I.I.T training a go!



This post shows what I get up to in the gym when I am not training clients.

I thought current and prospective clients would be interested to see the kind of training I do in the evenings after finishing a busy day of personal training.

A lot of the training I do is based on bodyweight exercises that allow the body to move in a natural and integrated movement pattern.


Dive bomber push ups.

Plyometric push ups with hand clap.

Battle ropes waves.

Interval training on the treadmill.

Ladder push ups.

Dips on the gymnastic rings.

Pull ups on the gymnastic rings.

Hanging leg raises.


Simple Bodyweight Workout

In this post Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay shows a simple but effective bodyweight workout that can be done anywhere with no equipment required.


For a super simple but effective workout perform this circuit of bodyweight push ups, squats and knee tucks for 3o seconds on each exercise.

Aim to complete 4-6 sets in total depending on your fitness level taking a 1 minute rest in between each circuit.


1. Push ups

Key coaching points

Feet shoulder width apart

Hands just a bit wider than shoulder width apart

Flat back

Drop onto knees if you can’t perform a full push up


2. Squats

Key coaching points

Feet shoulder width apart

Keep torso upright

Sit back into your heels as you lower yourself down and drive through your heels as  you return to start position

Squeeze your glutes as you return to upright position

For a more challenging version of this exercise perform explosive bodyweight squats (see end of video)


3. Knee tucks

Key Coaching Points

Feet and hands shoulder width apart

Keep back flat

Raise right knee forward to chest and return to start position, repeat on other leg.

For a more challenging version of this exercise raise knee in a diagonal movement  across your body (see video)


Good luck with this quick but effective bodyweight workout!


Metabolic Training for Fat Loss


In this video Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay demonstrates and explains the benefits of metabolic training for fat loss.





Chris Mackay Personal Training is offering FREE TRIAL PERSONAL TRAINING  at a private town centre fitness studio for the whole of January!

Contact 07984381210 or email to book a free trial session for a  great workout and find out more about how Chris can help you become leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier in 2016.


You Tube Videos Of People Who Inspire Me


Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay shares some videos of people who have inspired him over the last few years.







Hope you find these videos inspirational and maybe change your perspective on any struggles you currently face.


Top Fitness Apps And Music Podcasts


In this post Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay shares his favourite fitness apps and music podcasts.


My current favourite FREE fitness apps that I have on my iPhone at the moment are the tabata timer, interval pro timer and the Nike+ running app.

I am a big advocate of using tabata training for a short and intense workout. The tabata workout is 20 seconds of intense exercise performed 8 times with a 10 second rest in between. I use this with my clients and myself, its tough but effective! So I highly recommend the free tabata app to help you perform this workout.

The interval pro timer can be used for timing circuits and interval training sessions. Its super simple to use and you can set any amount of sets, set times and rest periods as required.

And the Nike+ running app is great for tracking runs outdoors and is another super simple app to use.

When your training I think it’s really important to have some uplifting dance music to help motivate you and get a few extra reps out!

My current favourite free music podcasts are Defected in the House, Ibiza Spotlight Podcasts, and Space Ibiza Radio Show. 

Me and my clients have really enjoyed listening to some uplifting Balearic beats over the last few months whilst training so hope you enjoy them too!

Hope you find the apps useful and the music motivating.




Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay shares some photos of the new private gym he now uses.

Almost 2 months into being at the new gym in Harrogate town centre and loving it!

The gym is only used by myself and 2 others trainers so is ideal for personal training.

There are  treadmills, spin bikes, kettlebells, suspension trainers, dumbbells, tyres, battle ropes and much more!

Everything you need for a fantastic work out!


IMG_0565       11039007_826242557471456_7411263784236441630_o (2)

IMG_0572 IMG_0587

IMG_0575 IMG_0577

IMG_0564 IMG_0583


If you would like to come and check out the new gym and have a free trial personal training session contact 07984381210 or email


Eat, move, live better.


Eat, move, live better, this is what my business stands for.

I am not about just delivering a workout, I want to help clients change their lifestyle.

When we want to become leaner, fitter, healthier and happier we have to make changes to our lifestyle.

The changes we need to make are often difficult due to problems related with work, relationships, health issues and other problems life can throw at us.

This is where I aim to ‘coach’ rather than just deliver a workout to help you change your lifestyle.

Coaching isn’t about me telling you what to do, its about me listening and asking questions as I believe most people already have the answers they just need better questions!

Coaching is about working together and helping you put together a plan that fits in with your life and is enjoyable and will enable you to become the best version of yourself.

If you are interested in eating, moving and living better call 07984381210 or email for a FREE coaching session over the phone or Skype.

Your coach