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My top health & fitness tips for 2015


Harrogate personal trainer Chris Mackay shares his top health and fitness tips for 2015.


MINDSET is key. You can have the best exercise and nutrition plan in the world but if your head is not in the right place you won’t stick to the plan and achieve the results you want. Working with a lifestyle coach can help you identify and remove barriers holding you back form becoming leaner.fitter, healthier and happier.


THE JOURNEY IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE DESTINATION. You have to enjoy the food you are eating and the type of exercise you are doing otherwise the results you get may be short lived. Too often I see people focusing on  goals, how about enjoying living in the present for a change? Focusing on goals all the time can spoil the journey to becoming leaner, fitter and healthier.

In my opinion eating well and exercising is about a lifestyle, not a quick fix to drop a few pounds after Christmas or a last minute panic to look good on the beach for your summer holiday.


BE PATIENT. To make lasting changes to how you look and feel takes time, be patient! In my opinion making small gradual changes to your diet and building up the frequency and intensity of exercise you do will give you the best chance of achieving lasting results.


DITCH THE ‘SKINNY ‘ SHAKES & DIET PILLS AND EAT REAL FOOD. I truly believe that diet shakes, pills and powders are not the solution to becoming leaner and healthier.  If what you’ve eaten hasn’t walk, swam, flown or grown out of the ground don’t eat it.


TRY NOT TO COMPARE YOUR BODY WITH THE IMAGES OF CELEBRITIES ON THE FRONT COVERS OF MAGAZINES. How about focusing on being the best version of yourself? Judge yourself by your standards.


TABATA, TABATA, TABATA! Tabata what!?  Tabata training is my favourite workout of all time. Its short  and effective. The workout is 4 minutes long and involves exercising  intensely for 20 seconds for 8 sets with a 10 second rest  in between each set(see video below for demonstration)

Its short, challenging and works! No gimmicks! Just results.


All the best for 2015!





Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay shares his favourite fat loss recipes and his top fat loss habits for you to download.

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Simple Habits for Fat Loss

Fat Loss Recipe Starter Pack 1



Hope you enjoy the recipes and find the fat loss tips helpful.


Do you experience fight, flight or freeze when trying to lose weight?


In this video Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay explains why we often experience a fight, flight or freeze reaction when we are trying to lose weight.




Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay shares some of his favourite inspirational quotes.







Is there more to fat loss than eating less and moving more?


Often when we are looking to become leaner and healthier we will look at starting an exercise programme and changing our eating habits.

Overweight? don’t like the way you look? don’t like the way you feel?

Simple solution, just eat healthy and exercise a few times per week.

Yeah if only it was that simple Chris! Why do we find it so difficult to stick to an exercise and nutrition programme?

If we have lots of stress in our life such as problems at work or with relationships our brain perceives this as a threat.

Our hunter gatherer ancestors would have had threat from saber tooth tigers or lack of food, today our threat in the modern world is often our jobs and relationships.

If our brain perceives we are under threat we can go into a state of fight, flight or freeze.

Fight, flight or freeze will often show up as missing workouts, eating the wrong foods even when we know they are bad for us or being defensive when challenged on why we haven’t stuck with an exercise and nutrition programme.

In this state thrive goals such as fat loss, or any other goals are not important to the brain, we are in survive mode.

So to get the most out of a fat loss programme identify the ‘Threats’ and work on reducing or eliminating them and getting the results you want becomes much, much easier. 


Give yourself a break!


In this video Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay talks about the importance of having a break from training every once in a while.




Make yourself feel better with a gratitude list


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Don’t worry nobody’s watching you workout!


In this video Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay talks about how we can sometimes worry about other people watching us in the gym when starting a fat loss programme, particularly if we are new to the gym environment.




Don’t be a slave to the scales.


In this video Harrogate Personal Trainer Chris Mackay talks about how the scales are not the most accurate measure of success during a fat loss programme.